CORE Solution

Core solution

Businesses today demand more. More efficiency, more value, more mobility, and more collaboration. CORE by JHC Technology leverages Citrix XenApp and Amazon Web Services to deliver a secure, personalized, on-demand application delivery platform that can be utilized in any location, on any device, and on any operating system. CORE provides the same user experience, application functionality, hardware performance, security, and bandwidth regardless of device, operating system, or location.

Value Added Solution

  • Virtualize all client based applications without modifying the user experience
  • Rapid application deployment
  • Device, operating system, IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS agnostic
  • Integration between applications
  • Performance and Speed
  • Reduced Cost
  • Increased Security
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
Value Added Solution

Cloud – CORE network utilizes cloud technologies for unlimited storage, network infrastructure, and on-demand server infrastructure.

0 Trust – Each layer of the CORE network has built-in least privileged administration for the applications and users. Moreover, CORE removes the client machine from direct access to internet, operating system, and applications.

Regionalized – Makes use of availability zones to create a Virtualization Gateway near the end user, reducing bandwidth and latency constraints. Built-in redundancy and failover between availability zones

Elastic – CORE expands and contracts depending on network, application, user, and server computing demands.

Leverage the Power of the Cloud

By combining advanced mature Cloud computing platforms and virtualization application technologies, the CORE solution takes application delivery to a new level of on-demand and enterprise services:

  • On-Demand Storage
  • On-Demand Bandwidth
  • On-Demand Security
  • On-Demand Applications

Utility-based application computing platform means you only pay for what you use. Moreover, the CORE solution provides elasticity to grow and shrink on-demand based on your needs.

  • With the unlimited processing power of the cloud you turn your device into a super computer.
  • With storage on demand, our CORE solution can deliver unlimited storage to your device.
  • CORE is deployed in the fastest and largest datacenters around the world.

Deploy to any device:

  • iPhone, iPad, Playbook, Blackberry Phone, Android tablet, Android Phone, etc.

Deploy to any operating system:

  • Window XP/7/Vista or Mac OSX


  • 2048-bit SSL En cryption
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • No Persistent Data on End User Devices
  • No Native Internet Connectivity

Regionalized Virtualization

Are Bandwidth and Latency issues slowing down your business? Ever wanted +200 megabytes per second bandwidth on your Phone or Tablet no matter where you are located?

Upgrading your network to support your growing bandwidth demands is a costly and timely endeavor. Our CORE regionalized solution reduces your local bandwidth and latency requirements (saving you $), while connecting you to the bandwidth you need, on-demand around the world.

Rapid Application Deployment

Quickly deploy applications to your Virtual application gateways without worrying about device, operating systems, or user experience. In addition, update and Patch applications within minutes that support thousands of users.

Seamless User Experience

Tired of having to re-learn applications based on operating system and device? Moving got a whole lot easier. The CORE solution allows applications to have the same functionality and user experience no matter what the device. CORE offers application user preferences that move with you no matter where you are or what device you are using. Want to get rid of your desktop and move to a tablet? Don’t want to be tied down to a device or operating system?

Three Simple Steps:

  • Simple migration process to move your data and client applications.
  • Download Citrix Receiver on any device.
  • Connect to our Application Virtual Gateway.

Cost Effective

Utility-based application computing platform means you only pay for what you use. By utilizing our on-demand Virtual Bandwidth, Storage, Processing, and RAM, you do not spend money on expensive device specific RAM, processors, and storage. Additionally, by leveraging the CORE solution, you extend the life of your old device.


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