Cloud Adoption

By: Jeff Carson, Solution Architect

This is an intriguing article about the inevitability of the cloud in enterprise adoption.

JHC specializes in making sense of the Cloud for organizations that are working diligently to make the Cloud adoption process as seamless, painless, and secure as possible. Partnering with these organizations we often see upper management, thought leaders, and I.T. innovators embedded on their teams make this journey psychologically and emotionally. It usually begins with a fear of the unknown informed by rumor and misperception. It usually ends after a period of education as to what the Cloud is, what it means, and how if can be secured with a regret that Cloud technologies cannot be implemented quickly enough.

The American story is wrought with innovative ideas that faced barriers to adoption because of justifiable belief in the current paradigm. Some things that come to mind:

  1. Horse ranchers bucking the idea of the motorized carriage

  2. How foreign it must have been too early adopters to entertain the idea of having wires run all through the interior walls of the house where I live that all contain this new thing called electricity buzzing around my family 24/7

  3. Airplanes, trains, trolleys, railroad – all faced detractors

Pull that human sentiment forward to the modern era and we have people believing very sincerely that they will never be seen riding in a self-driving automobile because of the inherent dangers. In the world of technology that resistance in some cases is focused on the cloud.

Engineers and Solution Architects at JHC frequently find use cases where the very fear of cloud adoption or I.T. security in general that someone puts forward as an argument to not go to the cloud is one of the primary use cases for security that the cloud can mitigate better than any other technology. The concern they raise is a concern the cloud can solve handsomely.

My guidance would be that the truth of what the cloud can offer your organization lies somewhere between the hype of how great the cloud is and the emotional resistance to even entertaining looking into it. The tools are versatile enough at this point that there are very real problems the Cloud can solve for you. The technology is new enough that there are some things it’s just not ready to yet. In any case, the decision about whether or not your organization will move to the cloud is a foregone conclusion. The question is how.

Maybe it is time your organization partners with a thought leader like JHC who can help you make sense of the ways your organization is ready to go to the Cloud, while providing a real, honest assessment of where the cloud offering is not mature enough yet for adoption in your organization.

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