CloudCheckr Right Sizing

By: Douglas Sillex, Cloud Engineer

Starting out in the cloud can be a daunting task. Inevitably you will reach a point when it’s time to pick the size of your instance or instances. A good general school of thought is to look at application requirements and choose how much CPU/Memory you need based off that information alone. However, it’s not always that easy.

I wanted to give a great example of using one of the tools our partners at CloudCheckr have created which translated into direct savings for one of our clients.

This client has a moderate sized, self-developed web application across several AWS EC2 instances. Being that it’s self-developed, requirements are not always clear, cut, and dry. Over 10 instances were very liberally allocated for the majority of the instances (m3.large area). This has always been a complex thing to monitor due to the application still being heavily developed and the nature of peak/off-peak times being inconsistent. When CloudCheckr announced it’s new Right Size feature I checked it out immediately. I was happily surprised to see it was recommending that all of these m3.large instances to be re-provisioned as t2.small. This is a large jump in terms of performance and cost. Naturally, being skeptical I dug further into the same data I was seeing in AWS CloudWatch, but it was presented in much better aggregate format over 30 day periods to back up the recommendations.

Re-evaluating the clients’ instance sizes was brought up before, but they were more comfortable with a cautious/overkill approach. Going to the developers with this data in an easy to read (Management Friendly) report they were more willing to try out the considerably smaller instances, introducing a few re-sizes at a time. Sure enough, all 10 m3.large instances are now running on t2.small instances without any issue. They stay filled with CPU credits consistently.

Using Current AWS Pricing 3/24/17 10 M3.Large Instances in US-East = 1895.90 Monthly Vs 10 T2.Small Instances in US-East = 168.40 Monthly

Savings 1727.50 per month Or 20,730 Annually

Right Size is an incredibly valuable tool from CloudCheckr. Contact JHC today to learn how we can utilize our tools/experience to get your environment and budget right!

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