GovCloud and a FedRAMP High P-ATO

AWS GovCloud (US) Region Receives a JAB-Issued FedRAMP High Baseline P-ATO for Three New Services

By: Mike Meluso, JHC Technology Senior Cloud Engineer

The AWS GovCloud (US) Region has received a JAB-issued FedRAMP High baseline P-ATO for three new services:

JAB has issued a FedRAMP High P-ATO in GovCloud for Relational Database Service (RDS), CloudWatch Logs, and CloudTrail. This is a big step forward for GovCloud and Standard regions alike as it reaffirms AWS’ commitment to providing secure and highly available services. From a security perspective, CloudTrail is an indispensable tool that allows an account to capture API activity and provide auditable logs for every action surrounding an organization’s AWS resources. CloudWatch Logs is an essential tool in cloud – without it, there is no way to persist logs in an ephemeral environment where instances are here one minute and gone the next. It benefits both security folks and developers alike to be able to look back at those log files and determine the state of their application. RDS is a great tool for reducing database administration overhead, and because the OS layer is blocked off, it provides a more secure database platform than most organizations could build on their own.

Even for non-GovCloud customers, this P-ATO award is important because it ingeminates the robustness of AWS services and their pledge to hold up their side of the Shared Responsibility Model. If you are not currently using CloudTrail, it’s just a few clicks of a button to get started with monitoring your API actions. CloudWatch Logs and RDS can also be easily integrated into your current environment to provide greater security and reduce management overhead. If these services are good enough for FedRAMP High workloads, chances are they are good enough for your organization’s requirements too.

Michael Meluso, Cloud Specialist

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