GovCloud Kinesis Streams

By: Brian Shoemaker, Cloud Architect

This new GovCloud feature has been in use on private AWS accounts for some time now. It gives GovCloud users a new way to ingest large volumes of data in real-time and store it for up to 7 days.

In today’s world everything around us is producing data. Kinesis is able to ingest data from many different sources such as: Servers, IoT Devices, Industrial or Environmental Sensors, Wearable devices, social media activity. Kinesis allows one common pipeline to get any data into the analytics processing areas of your enterprise.

Once the data has been added to a Kinesis stream you can stream that data to any number of destinations such as S3, RDS Databases, Redshift DataWarehouse, On Premises Databases, and even multiple destinations simultaneously. This flexibility makes Kinesis Streams an ideal choice for ingesting large amounts of data from many different sources.

ETL in a big data world can use a lot of computing power, that can be both time consuming and costly to procure. When it is not running an ETL process this hardware sits idle. Even with powerful hardware ETL processes may take hours or days to complete.

All of these issues are alleviated with Kinesis. The on-demand nature of AWS and Kinesis means that you are only paying for what you use. So there are no more procurement dollars going to idle racks of servers. The streaming capabilities of Kinesis allow you to visualize data in real-time as events are happening so you can make timely and intelligent decisions instead of viewing visualizations days or weeks after the events have occurred.

Kinesis is yet another great addition to the AWS GovCloud suite of services. Contact JHC today to discuss Kinesis and how it may improve your ETL and data processing workflows.

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