Savings. simplified.

Achieve higher savings on your AWS spend.

JHC Technology is thrilled to announce our new cost optimization platform Savings. Simplified. This offering allows you to focus on your business while our team handles the purchasing and management of reserved instances and AWS Savings Plans. You're looking for the savings but not the commitment and risk, so we have created the perfect solution. Turn what you're already spending in the cloud into savings.

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Savings. simplified. Benefits

  • We manage your reserved instances and savings plans - and you profit from our program.

  • No upfront capital necessary.

  • Increase your savings with reserved instances and AWS savings plans managed by JHC Technology.

  • All of the benefit of reserved instances and savings plans with none of the long-term commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal customer for Savings. Simplified.?

Customers with heavy EC2 spend and on-demand usage who are seeking assistance with Savings Plans and no long-term commitments to AWS. Customers who buy a large amount of Reserved Instances and wish to reduce managing them are also a great fit.

How do customers benefit?

With Savings. Simplified., customers reap the benefits of reserved instances and Savings Plans without day-to-day management, upfront capital expenditure, and long-term commitments to AWS.

What are the minimum requirements for Savings. Simplified.?

Customers must have an AWS monthly spend of greater than $10k, sign up to JHC Technology’s reseller program, and commit to a minimum 1-year term.

How does my organization get started?

If you’re an existing JHC customer, please reach out to your sales representative for more information. If you are new to JHC, please email [email protected] and send us a copy of your CUR/DBR file. Next, we will analyze your data to see if you are a good fit. If you are, we will provide a Savings.Simplified. cost reduction assessment so you can review. Upon approval, JHC Technology resources will work with both you and your customer to onboard them to JHC’s reseller environment so we can kick off the Savings.Simplified. Program.

Does this program apply to EC2 only?

This program applies to EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, and we realize savings across RI’s with EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache, and Savings Plans with EC2 and Fargate.

How do you handle Reserved Instance renewals under Savings.Simplified.?

JHC Technology will maintain an RI and savings account baseline that will be managed by JHC Technology.

How long does it take for JHC Technology to evaluate a customer?

It normally takes 5-7 days to assess a customer’s environment for Savings.Simplified.

How do you exit the program?

JHC does not own the AWS accounts, and this program does not transfer any ownership of the accounts.


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